AnneCuthbert Solicitors

Civil Litigation

We realise that litigation can not only be lengthy, but personally distressing and expensive. We find practical legal advice at an early stage which can often help to speed up procedures and resolve issues at an early stage.  

We deal with Property disputes, Business and Commercial disputes, Debt collection, Defective goods and services, Insurance claims, and Professional negligence.

Landlord & Tenant

All Landlord and Tenant disputes, Eviction, Injunction, Warrant and representation at court hearings.

Personal Injury

We provide advice, assistance and representation in all Accident and Personal Injury claims and Insurance claims.

Wills, Probate & Inheritance 

Preparation of Last Will, Grant of representation, Payment of Inheritance tax & collection of estate's assets, paying any debts & distributing estates to the people entitled to it (beneficiaries), and Litigation. 


Buying & Selling Residential Properties & Commercial Properties, and Leases.

Immigration & Nationality

Asylum/Human Rights, Appeal, Fresh Representation, Bail, Statutory & Judicial Reviews, EEA applications, Citizenship applications, and other Applications.


Divorce & Nullity, Ancillary Relief, Contact, Injunctions, Prenuptial Agreement.

Other Matters

Change of Name Deed Poll, Statutory Declaration, Affidavit, Power of Attorney, and Attestation.